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Looking for an awesome ride, with latest features and cool accessories, which makes you standout in front of your friends, well then BMW is the car for you. Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) is a world-renowned company that excels in manufacturing state of the art vehicles. It was established in 1916. When it comes to the manufacturing of luxury vehicles around, BMW leads the automobile manufacturers of the world. The Company has its factories in Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America and South Africa. It manufactures up to 1,366,838 cars a year according to 2006 census. Therefore, if you are interested to buy a BMW then don’t hesitate buy it as it will prove itself to be a life long investment and you will never ever regret it.

Most of the car lover around the world trust this brand and always opt for it as it gives fruitful results with guaranteed. The BMW cars have one of a kind features and the most exquisite set of accessories; among the BMW car accessories the most common and interest, catching accessory is the BMW bulb. BMW bulb is a set of all the lightings of the car; from the headlights to taillights up until the indicator lights. All type of BMW bulbs can be installed in the car.

The car also has the option of installing the fog lights, so all the features are extremely feasible and you can also customize your BMW car according to your choice and preference. Customizing the car to bring about your personality has become a common trend. However if you are a keeper of a BMW there is no need to customize as the cars are already designed in the latest and the best manner, but in either case the car has the option of personal customization to give the customer full power over the car.

If you don’t have a BMW, get it. If you do have this awesome ride then learn how to take of I, to ensure good performance and longer life. All mechanical devices are deemed to halt one day. Therefore, it is better to take care of the car in order to extend the life of the vehicle. It is very natural for the BMW bulbs to burn out or start malfunctioning. When this happens, do not worry and get your car some new BMW bulbs. The BMW bulbs are numerous in variety. They vary from model to model. Each model of BMW has its own set of BMW bulbs.

Some of the BMW bulbs are; Hella Yellow Bulbs and they include 9005 and 9006 models. The 9006 model has two varieties of bulbs i.e. 50 watt bulbs and 80 watt bulbs. These yellow bulbs can be installed in majority of BMW models. The next are the Hella Blue Bulbs. There models are 9005, H1 bulb, H3 and H-7 bulb. They 9005 model comes in 65 and100 watt pair, H1 and H7 comes in 55 watt pair and H3 comes in 55 and 100 watt pairs. These BMW bulbs are not very expensive and as a matter of fact, they are the cheapest BMW bulbs that are available in the market. If you search on the internet, you may get them in a special discounted prize from various dealers. Next are the Angel Eyes lights. These light are extremely fantastic and gorgeous lights. They fix in the latest models of BMW and they make you and your car really stand out. They are quite expensive but are worth all the money you spend. Some dealers also offer discount on Angel Eyes lights. Xenon light can also be installed on a BMW. Xenon lights are preferred as they illuminate the road very well. The BMW bulbs model of Xenon light is D2S bulb and it can be installed in many BMW models. Then there are H-13, H-7, H-1 and 9005 models of extremely White Bulbs. They fit in a limited model of BMW cars. These were some of the models of BMW bulbs.

Most of the BMW accessories are very expensive and a lot of duplicate stuff is also present in the market. Avoid buying duplicate things as they might be harmful to your car. All buy your BMW accessories from a renowned dealer. Search for the credible dealers on the internet. Most of the dealers often offer special packages and discount be sure to avail such opportunities as they can safe you a lot of money.

When your car’s headlight is busted and you have bought a new headlight. Changing the headlight is very simple, if you do not have the time to go to the service station to get your BMW bulb replaced, you can always change them by your own hands. The first thing that you need to do is to remove the electric connection of the bulb. The second comes the unlocking of the bulb, this can be done by rotating the bulb in an anticlockwise direction. Once the BMW bulb is completely unlocked, draw out the bulb. Get the new bulb in place it in the position lock it by rotating it clockwise direction. In the end reconnect the electric plug and there you go, problem solved.

While changing the BMW bulb there are some thing that are to be kept in mind all the time and they are; never ever touch the glass of the BMW bulb or any headlight bulb because the skin produces a special kind of oil, and when that oil comes in contact with the bulb it reduces its life and may cause it to burst. So, in order to be on the safer side, avoid doing this activity.

BMW manufactures the best cars in the world and if you are a proud owner of a BMW then the above information will be definitely of great help to you while you are taking care of your precious car and help you enjoy this amazing ride with you friends and family.

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